Guided Quiet Days

During 2019, Charlecote Quiet Garden will be hosting a series of guided quiet days. The themes are varied, so do look down the list and notice which ones catch your eye, or touch your heart! All days run from 10am-4pm, unless otherwise stated. Where there are two dates the same programme will run on both a Saturday and a weekday.

Spaces are limited so early booking is advised.

To make a booking please contact us at and we’ll send you a booking form.

Monday 18th March *Only 1 place left *
God’s Promises are True
Spring is here – well almost! Spring in the natural world speaks of promise. On this quiet day we will take a contemplative look at the promises of God in the Bible. This day will be particularly suitable if you are feeling uncertain about life or struggling to accept the promises of God for yourself. Come along and be reassured!

Saturday 30th March
Sabbath as Resistance
We live in a 24-7 culture where busyness and productivity are often worn as badges of honour, even in the Church. Based on Walter Bruggemann’s Sabbath as Resistance: Saying No to the Culture of Now, this day will offer space to notice our own attitudes and cultural assumptions, and encourage the creation of an enriching and Godly rhythm of work, rest and play.

Thursday 11th April  * Fully booked *
Beautifully Flawed
In her book, The Cup of Our Life, Joyce Rupp explains that, ‘Accepting our less-than-perfect-selves is one of those big hurdles that we need to face to mature on the spiritual path.’ The Lenten attitude of self-examination is not meant to make us feel bad about ourselves but to help us recognise and accept our true nature, and perhaps more importantly our need for grace. Whether you are burdened by perfectionism or well aware of your flaws, this retreat day will offer you resources and quiet space to understand more of how imperfection is integral to your spiritual journey.

Saturday 20th April – Holy Saturday
Sorrow and Joy

“Joy and sorrow are sisters; they live in the same house.” Macrina Wiederkehr
On Holy Saturday, between the deep sorrow of Good Friday and the ecstatic joy of Easter Sunday, as we reflect upon the death and resurrection of Jesus, we will consider the sorrows and joys in our own lives, and explore what the disciples’ reactions may have to teach us.

Friday 10th May
Creative Prayer
Why are so many of us afraid of a blank sheet of paper and a box of paints?! During this quiet day we will take up paints, pastels or crayons and use them in creative prayer. As we bravely put colour to paper, we will seek the still small voice of our Creator God, in whose image we are made. This day will be suitable for both experienced artists and those with no experience at all. All art materials will be provided.

Saturday 18th May 10am-6pm
Reading Retreat
Do you ever dream of being able to sit down with a good book and read all day, yet always tell yourself you shouldn’t or couldn’t? Leave aside your responsibilities for a few hours and spend them with your nose in a book. Bring your own book(s) or borrow from the vicarage shelves. This day will begin with coffee & a short reflection, and will include a light lunch and afternoon tea. You could come for the whole day or just a few hours. If the weather is kind bring a blanket and sit in the garden. Relax and enjoy!

Saturday 15th June & Wednesday 19th June
Dementia: Still made in the image of God?
If you are caring for someone with dementia and question where God is in it all, or you are interested in exploring a Christian theology of dementia then join us for one of these days. We don’t promise to provide the answers, but we do promise to create a safe space for honest questioning about one of the most difficult issues for our society today. There will be silent contemplation in which to listen for the voice of God and group conversation in which to share personal experience, struggles and wonderings.

Monday 8th July & Saturday 13th July
Re-connection with Creation
In an age when people are becoming more aware of humanity’s impact on the natural world, where should our Christian stewardship of creation begin? This day will encourage participants to begin by growing in awareness of our inter-connectedness with all of creation through contemplative prayer. These days will be held in the garden, even if it rains!

To make a booking please contact us at and we’ll send you a booking form.
Suggested donation for each guided quiet day: £20 (includes lunch)

Outline Programme for Guided Quiet Days

9.45-10.15am Arrivals & coffee

10.15am Welcome & Opening Prayer

10.45am Group meditation

11.15 Quiet time for reflection

12.45pm Lunch

1.45pm Creative Reflection

3pm Drawing things together & Closing Prayer

3.30pm Tea, cake & departures